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Pinball Manufacturers


 Stern Pinball - New pinball games, history of the company, Manuals & price cards download.



Pinball Factory- Renewed website of Bally\Williams from the new owners. all the old info is available whith info on new games, forums and more.



 California Extreme - Annual celebration of coin operated pinball machines, video games and other novelties you once found in game arcades.

Pinball Expo - Annual Pinball expo in Illinois for the last 22 years.
Information & Repair


IPDB is a great source for pinball information. descriptions of every pinball ever made including rules sets, pictures etc.


 No.1 site for information on how to repair pinball machines from all era's. comprehensive & packed with valuable information.


Visual Pinball


Starting point to the world of Visual Pinball. How to play, new games, downloads etc.


Download page for PinMAME and VPinMAME software. Latest versions, bug fix and tables. 


 Forums and news groups on everything related to Visual Pinball


Action Pinball- located in Utah U.S. games for sale, new & nos parts including eprom updates. very nice service.


Marco Specialties- located in South Carolina U.S. Web site offers a large variety of spare parts. new displays and more. great search option that allows searching for specific parts.


Bay Area Amusements - located in California U.S. variety of machines for sale, spare parts and more.


Pinball Resource - located in New York U.S. website interface lacks friendliness but offers a very large variety of parts for lots of machines and makers.



Gameroom Magazine - the only magazine dedicated to Pinball. News, Articles, Game room galleries and more......




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